Not the Expert and Starting Over

Dear Readers,

Happy Hiatus to you.

I stopped blogging because I am not the expert.

Not that you have to be an expert to blog, because most bloggers aren't, but I am not the expert on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

What I mean to say is that while reading my blog is a good thing to do, and I am flattered that it uplifts so many of you, an even better thing to do would be to pray and talk to the THE expert (God), or read your scriptures or conference talks from other experts on what God wants us to know (prophets and apostles).

I have been having a conflict within myself as I have thought these thoughts, because I do want for you, my readers, to be uplifted, but I really really want my blog to be the place that you turn to AFTER you pray, or read official material from the LDS Church, not before.


I KNOW that Heavenly Father did NOT intend for us to go through life alone.  He expects us to help one another and provide support and uplift each other.  You CAN'T do it all by yourself and if you think you can, then you are selling yourself short of countless resources or other people's talents and abilities.


I have decided to continue blogging with the hope that you will not take the words I say as "expert" or "law".  I am learning and growing just like everyone else.  I am not the same person that started this blog a year ago.  A lot of changes have been made in my life, but I am still working on making more changes, just like all of you.

I am still concerned about privacy, but I have loosened up a lot.

Here is the new format for my blog:

There will be a post every Monday.

On Tuesday I will post a discussion question to be discussed all week until the next Monday.  I do not need comments for validation, but I would love if we could start some conversations so that I can glean ideas from others as well.

This will take effect Monday May, 16th to kick off Year 2 of "Letters From Lindsay".

With appreciation,



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