Discussion - Family Home Evening

Dear Readers,

Hey all!

It's Tuesday.  Last night was Monday and we all know that means Family Home Evening.

I want to know:

1.  What was taught to your family last night?  Was it a formal lesson, lecture, or more of a discussion or hands-on activity with role-play?

2.  What resource did you use?  Do you use something like the Family Home Evening Resource Book, For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet, Church Magazines, Conference Talks, or do you form your own lesson picking your own scriptures/ quotes from many sources?

3.  How do you decide what the topic is for your lesson?  Do you just go methodically through a resource or does it depend on "current" issues in your family (like Junior dealing with a bully at school)?

4.  What's one tip that really brings success to your Family Home Evening?  Share something unique that totally works for your family even if you think it might not work for others.  We want to celebrate your successes!!!  I love that there is no one right way to do Family Home Evening.

Have you checked out all of the features on the Family Home Evening website?  Seriously, no excuses.  You don't need to look anywhere else for FHE ideas.  The Church has it all.

I'll go first:

1.  Our Family Home Evening included a lesson/ discussion about Elder Oak's talk "Desire" from the Saturday Afternoon session of Conference.  We had company so we did something a little different since it made for 4 adults.  If we hadn't had company then we would have taught Lesson 16: I Will Say "I'm Sorry" out of the Nursery Manual that would have included role-play, songs, pictures, etc (which is all spelled out in the Nursery Manual).

2.  We use the Nursery Manual "Behold Your Little Ones" because Daughter is Nursery aged.  The lessons are all spelled out and they have so many ideas listed that I know they can't do them all on Sundays.  The parts that she does remember, she loves to repeat anyways, so yay for reinforcement from class manuals.

3.  We go in order of the book.  We are actually on our 3rd or 4th time through the book.  Sometimes we do the same lesson a few times in a row to really reinforce the concept if we think Daughter needs it, like she pushed 2 kids at the park this past weekend, so she's getting the lesson more than once for sure.  I know this won't work forever, but I'm not going to worry about changing it until I need to, then I'll come up with an awesome new plan.  There are a bazillion resources.  I'm really not worried at all.  Why worry about making new "curriculum" when the Church has already done it for you?

4.  This probably isn't helpful to anyone else (isn't that what I asked for anyways?!?!), but I really think the secret for us was starting to use the Nursery Manual.  Before we started using it, we were always scrambling for an idea and didn't really have very good engaging ideas for a little toddler.  The Nursery Manual has pictures, scriptures broken down, and even just uses parts of songs (never would have thought to break it down so much) and fun finger-plays and actions for everything to help Daughter learn.  It's fun and requires little preparation time which means more family play time at the end of the night!!!

Join the discussion and share with me in the comment section (and it can be as long or as short as you want).

I can't wait to hear from you.



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