Discussion - Acts of Kindness

Dear Readers,

So, there was an underwhelming response to last week's discussion question, but I'll try a few more weeks before I shelve the idea.  Don't be shy.

Today I want to talk about acts of kindness.  The little things in life that bring big blessings to others.  A good example is my Valentine's Day story when someone offered my family a Chicken Pot Pie.

At my end of the year party for my piano students I offered to feed everyone dinner.  There are a lot of kids, so not going to lie, I went with pizza to be easy.  Concerned about nutritional value, I decided to make some veggie trays.  I had no idea it was so easy!!!  I arranged the vegetables in an appealing manner.

Now I am pretty sure that 0% of the piano students were excited to see my vegetables (I told them they had to eat a minimum of 3).  "Yes, Lindsay prepared SIX different vegetables for me to eat!  Woo hoo!"  Yeah, right, but I am thinking that 100% of their parents were grateful I wielded a knife for a few minutes in order to feed their children something more than greasy pizza.

Who wouldn't want to eat that?  (They did ask for ranch, but at least they ate them)

I am sure you are thinking "That is so small, why are you even talking about that?"  Well, that's the point.  We never know how far reaching our actions can go.  Picture ripples in a pond.  What might seem like something so simple as a heartfelt handshake and "How are you feeling today?" might be exactly the blessing that someone else has been praying for.

What is something that you did this past week as a small act of kindness for someone else?  Did someone perform a small act of kindness for you?

If you care to share, leave a comment.



Anonymous said…
An older woman was having trouble returning a cart (a little harder than normal- you rent the cart with a quarter and get your quarter back as you replace your cart). It was a problem that I had had and I was able to help her get her quarter back quickly and it made us both smile. I love opportunities like this.

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