Discussion - Acts of Kindness UPDATE

Dear Readers,

I would have commented on my last post, but then I was afraid that no one would read it, because apparently no one wants to talk about Acts of Kindness.

I felt compelled to write this though off my normal publishing schedule, because of the kindness that has been shown to me.

I was keeping a mental tally of all of the Acts of Kindness that were performed for me, but I lost count, because it was too many.

I walked into a temple on Tuesday.  The clock said that the session I wanted to be a part of was supposed to start in 3 minutes.  I explained that I could change into my temple clothing in 2 minutes and that I really wanted to be a part of that session.  They said they would wait for me, and they did, but I am pretty sure I changed in under 2 minutes so they didn't have to wait.

Earlier this week, I was standing in a parking lot.  The parking lot was sloped and I had to constantly hold on to the shopping cart or it would roll away.  There was no way to anchor it on something except for my foot.  I was trying to unlock my car, and keep track of a 2 year old who was running circles around the car, despite my asking her to stop, because cars were driving and I was afraid at any moment she'd run in front of one.  I was trying to figure out how to hold open the car door with my back, lift a large purchase inside, grab onto my daughter and wrestle her into her child seat, all while balancing a car with my foot.  Then out of nowhere, a man came up and offered to take the cart away for me, because he had also noticed the safety of my daughter.  We put my purchases on the ground and then I was able to proceed.

Makes me smile.  So small.   Took 20 seconds of this man's time, but it saved me from much (more) frustration.

The missionaries cleaned my kitchen.  They had come over for dinner and offered to help clean up.  The dishes were clean in the dishwasher, so they unloaded those, and then loaded it up with dirty ones.  Upon seeing that, ahem, we had more dirty dishes than could be loaded into our dishwasher, they proceeded to wash them by hand, while I exhaustedly just waited.

Today I just got of the phone with a woman who took the time to compliment me about my preparations for an upcoming camp for the Young Women of our Church.  This is my first time to do this and as I represent the Young Women who speak Spanish (without speaking it myself), I have had much difficulty and experienced much more anguish than I might normally if I only represented English speakers.  There have been others who have been quick to criticize my efforts, and pointed out my every flaw, which has only added to my nervousness about the whole situation.  This woman, just now, took the time to tell me what a wonderful job I was doing, and that she knew that my efforts were going to be enough.  It made me cry.  It was so nice to hear.

Simple acts of kindness have blessed me.

Of course I've been dishing it out as well, but I see it does seem kind of braggy to talk about it.  The more you dish it out, the more you get back.  I also have noticed a change in my perspective.  When I am busy focusing on how others have blessed me with acts of kindness, I am not focusing on how they have hurt or offended me.

Feeling loved,


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