Courage to Be Better

Dear Brother,

I did it.  It's over.  Today I gave my very first talk in Spanish.

Several weeks ago I approached the Branch President and asked if I could play a musical number, because I felt it was the only thing I could contribute to the branch.  The piano doesn't differentiate between English and Spanish.  He said that would be fine, and I went on my merry way.

As we are riding home from church that day, I am happily telling Husband my story about talking to the Branch President and how I was happy to have something to contribute finally, because "no habla espanol" or however you say "I don't speak Spanish".

Husband simply says, "Oh."

He then proceeds to tell me about his day.  The Branch President asked him to give a talk and he asked if it was just him or if I was supposed to talk as well.  The Branch President said, "Can she give a talk?" and Husband says, "She can read Spanish really well." SO HE VOLUNTEERS ME for a talk.

Fast forward.....I wrote the talk, Husband translated it.  I practiced and practiced reading until my little tongue was sore wagging around my mouth trying to flip all of the different ways it needed to.  I wanted to practice on you, but I have been too busy to call.

I was so nervous I cried (and I do not get nervous to speak), but I did it!!!

Husband got up and I understood 1 sentence at the beginning of his talk about how hard I had practiced, and then I picked out 2 words of his talk.  That's it.  He told a joke at the beginning when he was talking about me, and everyone laughed.  I didn't know if it was AT me or not.  I had to wait until the end of the meeting for him to come tell me what the joke was, which was:

He said he was happy to translate my talk, because then he could make it longer so he didn't have to speak as long.  Then he said he was just kidding and that he didn't really do that.

Life is full of opportunities to stretch us.  I know I could have wimped out.  At any time I could have given up and sat down and everyone would have understood, but I had a message to share, so I shared it.  I was asked to speak about a talk from General Conference and I spoke about Elder Richard J. Maynes' talk, "Establishing a Christ-centered Home."

As I blinked back tears up at the podium, some counsel from President Hinckley came to mind.  He once said to "try a little harder to be a little better.....We can do it, if we will be prayerful and faithful.  We can do better than we have ever done before."  I knew President Hinckley was no wimp, so I wasn't going to be either.  He always wanted members to be the absolute best they could be.  I knew that I could give the talk though it would be hard.  I had been prayerful and faithful to the task at hand, and knew that Heavenly Father would help, and He did.

We do get your pictures and we love them.  B is too cute, totally jealous.



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