Upside Down

Dear Friend B,

Yay and uggh all at the same time.

Daughter is well, (cue the "yay!").  She has been for a little over a week now (double "yay!").  Going through the never-ending sickness has turned everything upside down.  I feel mixed up and lost.  This past week has been a big mess to sort through and try to catch up on so many things that get pushed aside when sickness occurs.

So now you could say that we are "right side up" again, but here comes the "uggh".  Think of a snowglobe.  It sits there all fine and comfortable like, until someone turns it upside down.  Chaos ensues the little snow, glitter, whatever is going everywhere and then when the snow globe is put "right side up" again it takes awhile for the little bits to float back down.  Of course, they don't fall back in the same place.  When life turns you upside down, you just never come out the same.

I am not prepared for this.  It was just sickness, not like a huge trial or something.  I don't want my life to be different, but I can tell that it is.  It is not necessarily bad, it is just an adjustment to get used to.  Having new perspective is also a blessing because it brings new appreciation to the little things in my life.

I love this song.  Watch a video of it here.  Or just listen to it here.....Daughter and I do all the time.  Life is O'er Flowing with Beautiful Things.  This song always brings me so much hope.  I love all of the verses.  One little thing that I have noticed to be grateful for is this; the sound of the airplanes flying over my house.  They sound different in the Spring compared to the Winter.  You can think I am crazy, but this is true.  I woke up from a nap a few days ago to the sound of an airplane, and it made me smile when I recognized that it sounded how the airplanes sound with warm and sunny weather compared to the bleak and dismal weather in the Winter.  Yay for the changing of airplane noises.  Yay for Spring.



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