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Dear Friend D,

Congrats on your sweet little Z.  I know you'll be out of commission for some time, but I quick wanted to share this with you...maybe you like to blog in bed?  I do :)

If you go to this website you can get a button thingy for your blog that will direct people to  They have several designs to choose from so that you can choose one that fits your personality and style.  I noticed that you don't have anything like that yet on your blog, but I am pretty sure that you have several friends who are not members of our Church that read your blog.

While you are there go ahead and make a profile.  These profiles are to show that Mormons are regular people who do regular things.  We choose to live a certain way because of our beliefs and these profiles are a chance to show that to those interested in the Church.

I hope you are getting plenty of sleep.



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