Proper Preparation

Dear Readers,

General Conference is just 2 days away.  If you are unclear on what General Conference is, let me explain.

Twice a year The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints meets together via radio, internet, satellite broadcast, basically anyway possible so that we can all hear the words of the leaders of our Church.  This includes the President of the Church, Thomas S. Monson, apostles who we also sustain as prophets, seers, and revelators, and also other leaders who guide the Church on a world-wide scale.

We believe that those who are called as prophets speak with God (just as prophets did in the Bible) to learn of His direction and will for us on the Earth at this time.  This is why Conference is SOOO exciting.  Don't take my word for it, watch this video and listen to why others love General Conference.

These last 48 hours (or less) are the time for last minute preparation.

1.  I am sorry I didn't get a chance to write this sooner, but earlier in the week I switched from praying for the prophet to also praying for myself to be prepared to hear the words and counsel which would be spoken.

2.  Can you grocery shop on Friday?  Every time that I try to grocery shop in-between sessions it seems that everyone else is trying to do that too!!!!  I don't know why this is the first year that I thought of preparing so that I didn't have to grocery shop on Saturday at all.  This way I don't have to worry about missing any part of the Conference, because I LOVE to hear it live.

Do you know what you're going to eat?  Do you have your meals planned?  Plan something quick and easy for Saturday's dinner so that you can get your husband/ sons out the door and to Priesthood Session on time!!!

Do you have a Conference food tradition?  Lots of families do.  Mine doesn't, but it sounds fun.

2b.  Along with proper nutrition comes proper sleeping habits.  Make a conscious effort to get a good night's rest on Friday and Saturday night.  I treat this the same as "race day".  Nothing is more frustrating then getting halfway through a conference session and realizing that I wasn't in "spiritual shape".  I get so tired and overwhelmed from the Spirit that I am unable to fully enjoy the talks near the end of sessions.  Not to mention that you can't enjoy them at all if you are asleep.  I know that you can read them in the Ensign the next month, but for me it is really important that I make the effort to hear it the first time that it is presented (I understand that others feel opposite of me and prefer to read them in the Ensign, but that's not how I roll).  I love to listen now AND read later.

3.  Notebooks, journals, pencils, pens, conference packets.  Whatever it is that you need to keep you and your family focused, are you ready?  Let's eliminate that last 5 minute rush.

4.  Girl Party Plans.  Check.  Women, do something special during the Priesthood Session.  If you have daughters do a Mommy/ Daughter something.  It's only fair.  The Dads are out with their sons and I hear that many go out for ice cream afterwards.  Better yet, make a dessert to feed your menfolk after the session and then they can fill you in on what was said.

5.  Don't forget to rotate your mattress.  We have a list of chores in our house that correspond to Conference Weekend, because it is the easiest way to remember to do the things that need to be twice a year.  Do you have a chore list or are we the only ones?  I love that it also corresponds to spring/ fall cleaning every year.  This way we can ensure that we provide the most optimal conditions to have the Spirit in our home while listening to Conference and we receive the maximum amount of revelation.

6.  How are you listening to Conference?  Check your internet connection.  Remember if the Church website has trouble with the connection, BYUTV website is also an option and BYU Radio streamed over the internet can be your extra backup plan (Yes, I've needed that many plans before.  I told you that I love to listen LIVE).  I want to say that some Utah radio stations stream it online as well, but I know the Church player has been improved over the years and rarely has problems now.  I also love to go to the Church for at least one session if possible.  Watching in my pajamas is not appropriate, personal preference.

So set your alarms.  Conference is at 10am Mountain Time on Saturday and Sunday Morning.  The afternoon sessions start at 2pm and the Priesthood session (which cannot be watched over the internet, you must go to a Church building) is at 6pm Mountain Time, Saturday Evening.

WATCH HERE and click here for a language other than English

There you have it.  Conference is coming!!!  I will be properly prepared and now you can too.

AND, click here to brush up on your Apostle know-how.

With great anticipation,


Heather Miller said…
Hey- I love reading your blog. You have so many wonderful and inspiring thoughts. I really enjoy it. Many times it is exactly what I need. I'm giving a talk on Sunday and I can't get your post about the Sun/Son out of my head. Would you mind be using the analogy in my talk??? It stuck really deep with me and I feel others would really benefit. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Heather
Lindsay said…
Yes, you can use my analogy. Thanks for asking. I am glad you enjoyed that post. What are you speaking about? Good luck.

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