A Prayer in My Heart

Dear Mother,

We are told to pray in our hearts (see D&C 19:28).  Here is my prayer today:

Oh, Heavenly Father.  I believe in synergy.  It never occurred to me that this also applies to children.  Watching my daughter interact with another girl has just been pure joy today.  Their infectious joy propels them to new discoveries as they help one another.  I love watching how they help one another and so sweet to each other.  Please bless our family with a sibling for Daughter so we can have the joy of watching two little Spirits and all that they can do together.

Then this afternoon my prayer turned to:

Please help that man get home.

You see, Mother, a man flagged me down for help this afternoon as I was driving Daughter home.  We had just gone out for a drive to help calm her down after such an exciting morning.  He said he was almost out of gas, but had left his wallet in a neighboring city.  I felt bad for him, because he was clearly very embarrassed and becoming increasingly desperate.  He had offered the gas station the title to his car and they declined.  He was offering me anything in his car in return for some gas.  I agreed to give him the few dollars that he needed, but then it was my turn to become embarrassed.  I had just driven around for 45 minutes and my purse was no where to be seen.  I realized that in leaving the house I carried Daughter out to the car, not my purse.  Haha.  It made me think of the that saying "The blind leading the blind".

Then I said a prayer of thanks that I had not been put in a compromising situation myself where I had needed my purse and did not have it.

I love to pray, especially the non-stop ones that run through our minds and hearts.  Awhile ago in Sacrament Meeting it was said that prayer is the most powerful thing on Earth, but that we under-utilize it.  I hope it's not true, but I am afraid it is.

I love you.



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