Good Music

Dear Friend L,

Thank you for the CD.  I really appreciate it.  I was able to imagine all of the elaborate costumes, scenery, and choreography that you must have enjoyed.

Today is the first time that I am able to listen to it by myself.  I enjoy being able to do that so that I can enjoy how exquisite it is.  The singers are all very talented, but I love listening to the orchestration.  I heard a tribute to Offenbach, a French composer, and it made me smile since it was a French story.  Listening alone today I was able to take in all of the trumpet counterpoint and the french horn slides that just tickled my insides along with all of other music snobbery that Husband and Daughter wouldn't know to listen for.  I love good music.  Thank you again for thinking to share that with me.

I also loved K's note, her neat handwriting.  You can tell her that I am touched.  I can remember seeing this movie in the movie theater.  We went on Christmas Eve in 1991.  I remember being very excited probably how K was.

I hope to bump into you in person here soon so that I can hear all about how great it was.

Your Friend,


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