Are You Listening?

Dear Brother,

So are we down to 10 days?  That is so exciting the time flew by!!!

Anyways, here are some parting words of wisdom for you and I also wanted to brag about Husband.  You should try to be like him.  :)

Two stories.

1.  Back in January we had some weather that caused our Church to cancel meetings.  We were going to have Stake Conference which in my case means that people could have traveled over 100 miles as my Stake covers a large region.  The weather conditions were different everywhere, but for the safety of everyone the meetings ended up being rescheduled.  Members were asked to help others, check in and make sure they had everything they needed, and it was also suggested to carry a snow shovel in case you encountered someone who had become stuck in the snow.

That Sunday we set out to visit others.  I asked Husband if he had grabbed his phone and he said, "No."  He hopped out of the car and I thought he went to get it.  Instead he came back with the shovel and was put it in the car explaining, "The Spirit just told me to put it in."  We backed out of the driveway and it was quickly apparent that all the roads in our city were going to clear.  Temperatures were warm and everything was melting.  Husband kind of laughed and said he felt stupid for putting the shovel in the car, but I knew that if the  Spirit had told him to do it then he was supposed to do it.

Fast forward an hour or two.  We drove by a car that had somehow (don't ask me how) driven off the main roads (which were completely clear) and was stuck in deep snow between knee and thigh deep.  Husband pulled over, jumped out, grabbed THE SHOVEL, and went to help.  There's more to the story, but the there's the gist.

Husband listened to the Holy Ghost.  He acted on his prompting and was able to help another.

2.  This morning it was decided that Daughter and I were going to drive Husband to school and then continue on to the Science Museum.  This last minute decision caused everyone to become rushed and we left in a little bit of a hurry.  As we left, the garage door didn't close.  Husband stopped and repressed the button and we waited until it closed.  We continued to drive, and he said, "I think we should go back."  I said that would be okay, but he kept driving, because he was sure all was fine.  We had watched the garage door go down, and he remembered checking that the front door was locked.  A few streets later he says again, "I think we should go back.  I just can't shake this feeling."  So I told him to go back, just before we were about to get on the freeway and it would have been really difficult to go back.

"I feel stupid.  I know we'll go back and the garage door will be down."  In my head I was thinking something along the same lines (because we hadn't seen a mushroom cloud of mass destruction coming from our house or anything like that).  We drove back, and nothing.  House was fine.  Doors were closed.

We started again on our way and Husband hypothesized why the Spirit told him to go back.  I told him that it didn't really matter, but that I was grateful that he had listened to the Spirit.  He started to say things like, "Maybe we missed being in a car accident by being a little later."  I suggested that maybe he avoided being in a certain conversation with his colleagues by also being a little later.

As we drove, we passed a car accident.  It had clearly not happened much earlier.  Would it have been us?  I don't know.  I know that Heavenly Father kept us safe today and for that I am grateful.  At the school, as he was getting out the car, a peer came walking by.  I called out to him, greeted him, and then proceeded to invite him to a Bible Exhibit that is happening this week at Church.  I expressed an interest in his life and invited him over for dinner.

Then I kissed Husband goodbye and went off to the Science Museum.

Then I realized, that maybe we were late for this conversation.  I had been thinking about emailing this guy about the Bible Exhibit, but I hadn't followed through and I might have ended up forgetting about it.  Or maybe the in-person interaction made a difference for him.  He hugged me!  We smiled together.  I showed him that people care about him.  Maybe he needed that.

I don't know and I don't care.  I don't need to know the exact outcome that came from driving an extra mile today.

Husband listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost today as he always does and by small things shall great things come to pass.  I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I am grateful that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he would constantly guide us and offer us protection through the gift of the Holy Ghost.

It has blessed my life so many times and I know that it will bless yours, now as you serve for two years, and forever.  Are you listening?  I hope so.

Call me.

I love you.



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