The Sun/ The Son

Dear Readers,

Everyday the SUN comes up providing warmth and light (yes, even on the cloudy days it is there)

Some days I CHOOSE not to open the blinds in my house and do not let the light brighten up my I am afraid the neighbors will see me or something......not really sure why, I just know I think about opening the blinds and then I don't.


Everyday the power of the atonement of the SON of God, Jesus Christ, is available to provide warmth and light in my life (yes, even when it looks "stormy" outside, He is there)

Some days I CHOOSE not to allow myself to feel of this light or accept that the Atonement has already been performed on my I prefer living in despair or something.......not really sure why, I just know that I think about saying prayers, reading scriptures, etc. and then I don't.

Those days that I make that CHOICE........are awful.  They're dark, when they could be light.

I cannot get enough of the Savior.  I NEED Him everyday.  I need Him every hour.  I don't know how anyone can go through life without clinging to the Atonement.  It is what gives me hope.  "Hope is the anchor of my soul (see Hebrews 6:19)."  It is how my burdens are bearable (awesome video here!!!, please watch).

Enjoy the Sun/Son.



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