Open Up Your Mouth

Dear Friend J,

I hope you have been able to enjoy all of your extra time, though if you are like me, it has come and gone and I think, "Ack, I had way bigger plans and wish I had more to show for it."

I wanted to thank you for sharing the video "Inviting All to Come to Christ".  It has had a huge impact in my life.  I really enjoyed being inspired by the one boy who opened up his mouth to invite others to Church.  For some reason this petrifies me.  I was given a hard time in high school to the point that I sometimes I don't even want to tell people that I go to church, because if I do then they might ask me which one.  Then I have to tell them and who knows what they might say in response.

A few things that I enjoyed about the video.

1.  Junior was not single-handedly responsible for multiplying his quorum from 1 to 26.  He invited a few, who invited a few, who invited a few.  It really showed the far reaching effect that a single action can have.

2.  One of the boys said "I'm not afraid to talk to other people about the Church, because I tell them what is true, what I know to be true."  Hmmm, if I KNOW these things are true why would I have a hard time sharing them?  To be timid would imply that I did not KNOW or have a strong testimony and I do KNOW that Jesus Christ is the head of this Church which is organized to help us prepare to enter the presence of our Father in Heaven again.

3.  "It shows that they really care.  They got the gospel and it did good for them and they don't want nobody one left behind.  That's why we invite a lot of people."  I just love that quote.  I don't want anybody left behind.  I want everyone to be able to experience the same eternal glory that I will.  It made me realize that I really need to open up my mouth.

With all of this thinking of missionary work and sharing with others, I was enjoying the supplement to the Ensign about  It said that there were new pass-along cards.  Then it said that you could order a box of 500 for $10.  I thought, "That's nice."  Then, I realized that they meant me, not the congregation, but for me personally to order these and hand these out.

I asked Husband if he thought we could hand them all out by the end of the year, and he was skeptical which kind of dampened my enthusiasm.  Though I realize that he was being honest.  There are some days that I don't talk to anyone outside of my family.  The past few days I have been starting to watch and try to strike up any conversation with others, because you definitely can't talk about the Church if you are not talking.

As soon as Husband shut me down, I immediately thought of you.  I know that you served a mission.  What kind words do you have for me?  This is something that I would really like to feel like I can do.  I want to be prepared to serve a mission someday and I know that preparation starts now.

I haven't forgotten about lunch.  I wanted to do it sooner, but now I am thinking that Spring Break might just be best, though I will keep looking at my schedule.

Thanks again for sharing the video.  I had not seen it yet.  I love to be aware of the resources on the websites put out by the Church.

Your Friend,



Jen Bowen said…
I've been kinda amazed lately how much the topics you're posting about have usually been topics I've been thinking about, reading about, and making goals about. I've really been enjoying the added insights. I'm glad you decided to keep this blog going.
Lindsay said…
Thanks. It's always nice to see how good actions unfold, because many times we don't get to see the good influence that we have on others. Thanks for reading. I am glad that you are enjoying my blog.

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