New Website Update

Dear Readers,

Today I wanted to talk more about the "new" website.  Many hits to this blog have been people looking for more information about it.  Here is their FAQ page. (That's Frequently Asked Questions for my international readers.)

"New" refers to new look, new features, easier navigability, etc.  It does NOT refer to "new" content.  If it was on the "classic" then it will be somewhere on the "new"  "New" also references that in the beginning the "new" site was while the classic site was  Now if you type you will go to the "new" site and the "classic" site is

Confused yet?

If you still are finding your way around if you scroll down, all the way down, on the left side there is a button that says "Go to Classic".  If you click there, you can enjoy the "old" website.  It says it will only be available for a couple idea what that really means.  Once again, I'd like to suggest that you watch the tutorial videos, because it sounds like eventually the "classic" site will go away.

I know in my first post about the website changes, I was not exactly thrilled.  Now that I have watched the tutorial videos (some are more helpful than others) and had more experience I am overall pleased.

I have LOVED the new conference website.  It has really helped my study of the talks from the last conference (and yes I am working on my next's just really, really long).  I also think that the new site lives up to it's purpose which is "to help you, as a member of the Church and child of our Father in Heaven, learn, live, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ."  They also tout more videos, pictures, audio, etc. which is definitely nice.

Some other things to highlight:

1.  I also LOVE some of the new scripture features.  Let's be honest, I don't read my scriptures online, nor do I intend to change, but for talk preparation I am pretty excited.  If you watch the scripture tutorial video it will be more clear, but I think the footnote linkage is really cool.

2.  I also like how they put words from apostles and prophets on the homepage, so it really sticks out that we believe in a prophet that is receiving revelation from God.

3.  After watching the tutorial videos (especially this one), I like the "Menu" and "Tools" at the top of the page.  Initially it seemed like extra clicking to me, but I understand now why it is organized how it is.  I am excited to look through the resources listed under "Menu".

4.  The new SEARCH feature is by far the best thing ever.  It is located in the upper right hand corner of the page.  They have gone through and indexed all of the information so that it is easier to find.  They also have a "smart" search so that it guesses (rather well I must say) what you want to find.  Then once you actually do the search, there are "recommended" pages that pop up at the top in a highlighted box.  These have put together by many volunteers and missionaries to show the sites that are clicked on most or most applicable and helpful to what you searched for.  Honestly, most times that I have searched I have found what I wanted in a "recommended" result.

5.  Watch out for the "maps" page.  I hope they keep working out bugs, because it has given me a real hard time, and I don't think it was as good as the old "meetinghouse locator".  Drives me nuts!

6.  I have a mixed review on the Study Notebook.  I hadn't tried it before my last review in November.  I think it is hard to use and a lot of clicking.  There are definitely cool features and I understand how it could work for some people.  I think it might just not be my style.  You must be signed in to use this feature, but you do NOT have to be LDS (Mormon) to get an account.  I like how you can link together talks and scriptures and put it all in one place.  You can also put it together by topic  or "collection" they call it.  If you were going to write multiple talks, it would keep it all separate how you wanted it.  Maybe this will grow on me, or else I am just used to my old fashioned way of writing talks and study methods (because it's not just for preparing a talk) :)

I am trying to remember if there was something else that I wanted to say...

Honestly, I have kind of groaned over having to watch a tutorial to use a website, but the Holy Ghost manifested to me that it was time well spent because of all the websites on the internet, this is definitely the place to spend your time.  Remember, I haven't even scratched the surface with all of the resources that are available. 



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