God's Love Part 2

Dear Readers,

Yeah, so a broken mirror pretty much is ruined forever.  The good news is that feeling like a shattered mirror is the worst analogy on the planet.  This is because no life is shattered beyond repair.  While I may have said I felt like this mirror.  I was wrong.  Completely wrong.  God's love and Christ's atonement make it so that every life is worth living.  Every one's divine potential is so much more.

So, there's more to my Valentine's Day.  Too much more that showcases God's love.  I must share, if you will accept.

God loves me.  He knew that today of all days I couldn't cook.  Never mind it is THE day where dinner is a big deal.  As I cried with relief during Daughter's brief nap, I wanted to text Husband and say "pick up a pizza".  We hadn't planned an elaborate dinner, but definitely it was something special and I was too overwhelmed to make it.  I know Husband would have gladly picked up a pizza or anything else, except I never texted him.  I remembered that a pizza would have cheese and fat and spice and all of the foods we are trying to avoid for Daughter's sake.  Desperately I tried to think of other restaurants that might have something   without cheese and fat and spice and couldn't think of anything.  Glumly, I looked at our dinner list trying to pick out something that would be little work and tasty.  Rice and toast are getting old, and we all knew it.
Then the phone rang.  Someone had been prompted by the Lord to offer our family dinner.  This is what God's love looks like: a homemade chicken pot pie.
I don't think the person that brought it will ever realize how much this act of kindness helped me to feel the love of our Heavenly Father.  With my burdens lifted I was able to quickly put this tablescape together and to see Daughter's face light up at it, it was so wonderful.  We needed some smiles today.
After dinner we had planned to make treats to take to our neighbors.  We've lived in this neighborhood for almost two whole years and have not reached out to our neighbors.  We've said here and there and introduced ourselves to a few, but they seem to be the ones that have moved away.  Mostly we just stare at them and they at us.  A few weeks ago I vowed that I was going to introduce myself to them.  This is the year of reaching out.  Tonight wasn't a great night by any means and I tried to abandon the plan.  With Husband's support we persevered and spoke with 5 out of 7 neighbors.  We were invited into 3 homes.  It was nice to see how the neighbors were excited to meet us and grateful that we had thought of making them a Valentine's treat.  It was a great experience to reach out to others and now feel like I could turn to them if need be.  We expressed that we would be happy to help them as well.

Finally, the icing on the cake...well, Husband did have a special dessert that he served to me over candlelight, but then something even better happened.  We finally decided that with Daughter feeling this way and perhaps even getting worse that we needed to give away our tickets.  What tickets you ask?  Oh, just tickets to a certain Broadway show that we have been really excited to go see together.  No big deal......... NOT.  We have been planning this outing for over 6 months.  We've listened to the music in advance.  We've watched advertisements online.  We've dreamed of going TOGETHER, because this would be the first Broadway show that we've seen together.  Luckily, the Lord was full of love today.  (He is everyday.)

I was prompted that we should give our tickets to a certain person.  I talked to Husband and he agreed.  When I called this person, I wanted to tell them they had won the lottery, because that is what it felt like I was giving them.  A once in a lifetime opportunity.  I knew that Husband and I would be able to go to dozens of Broadway shows, but this person would never have the same types of resources that we will.  I could tell by their reaction, that they were really, REALLY excited and grateful that we thought of them.  I am excited and hope they have a really fun time.  While I am sad that we are not going, and I am definitely sad that Daughter's health is the cause.  I am so excited that I had the opportunity to give these tickets to someone as a gesture of my love for them.

So today, on Valentine's Day, love came full circle.  Love does never end.  God loves us all.  Jesus Christ's atonement covers all.

This may be the best Valentine's Day I have ever had.  It for sure is the most love filled Valentine's Day I have ever experienced.  I think of this song as I replay the events of the day in my head.  I like reaching out to others with love.

I am humbled.  I am so filled with gratitude.  I am so tired.  I did not know that a person could feel so much emotion in one day.  Stay tuned.  I would like to say a word about the part of my Valentine's Day that involved my husband, but that will just have to come later...



Alisa said…
I am so glad that your evening took a turn for the better. I am amazed at how things came together. I have a story to share with you sometime about that night.

You are so right. God does love all.
What a blessing that the chicken pot pie came that night! I hope your daughter is doing better! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Lindsay said…
Thanks for everyone's concern and love. Daughter is feeling better. Email me anytime.

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