Welcome 2011

Dear Sister,

So you know that I have too many little projects started that I need to finish.  (It would help if I didn't start anything else :)  I have meaning to tell you this stuff for a few weeks, but have been busy.  Now January is almost over, so my "resolution" thoughts I must hurry to share (and mail my January VT cards, etc).

I told B. over the break that I was not looking forward to 2011.  This is in part because I knew what medications lay ahead and where I had been in 2010.  I told her that 2010 was the year of control.  And it was. It was awesome!!!  I learned so much and felt so put together.  This is saying something when you look back over the last few years.  I have come from mess to success!  (I totally just came up with that, do you think someone else already has?  probably, but still know if it exists elsewhere that I just made that up.)

I know Chinese New Year is coming up soon and you know how they name the years or whatever?  Well, I have named my past five years.

2006 - Year of Stress (as in debilitating stress which was the beginning of the great downfall)
2007 - Year of Darkness and Despair (don't even want to elaborate)
2008 - Year of Pregnancy (read: sick, sick, and body discomfort....makes me sick to remember)
2009 - Year of Baby (actually a pretty good year, the start of the upward zoom with key events in April and November)
2010 - Year of Self (self-love, self-control, self-respect, ran a marathon, communed with the Spirit, gained unbelievable insight, and grew a hundred bazillion times, I feel as if I have walked with God)

I have decided that instead of waiting until the end of 2011 to see what this year should be called, I am going to name it NOW.

2011 - Year of Reaching Out

In thinking about what to do about my blog and how it's purpose/ mission statement might need restructuring, I have been remembering a talk by President Monson.  He wasn't the prophet at the time.  I remember hearing it then and having it resonate within me.  I am assuming that you do as well.

He says:

I have carefully chosen four action-packed objectives for your guidance and eternal joy. They are:
  1. 1. Gaze upward,

  2. 2. Look inward,

  3. 3. Reach outward, and

  4. 4. Press forward. 
This past year I have really succeeded ("mess to success", eh?  still smiling over that) in gazing upward to my Heavenly Father and looking inward with much introspection.  I am excited to reach outward and press forward this year.  This talk was awesome.  I hope you have time go back and re-read it.  It is called "Your Celestial Journey".  He also says at the end that if we follow these four things that "great shall be your reward and eternal shall be your glory."  Awesome!!!



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