Short and Sweet

Dear Readers,

I thank you for the comments, and the many emails that came my way.  I have carefully considered each point and have decided that I will not be deleting this blog.  Somehow it will continue, I just don't know how yet.  I am still thinking about some specifics.

Posts will be kept to shorter, more manageable lengths.  I have realized, that I simply cannot share all of the things that I would like, and that's okay.  It will just take an adjustment in my thinking, as I also make some other adjustments as well.

I was surprised by some things that were said to me, because I felt that some readers did not understand the purpose of this blog.  I will repeat my original stated purpose which is to share my beliefs with those I don't know.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  These letters proclaim my belief in a Heavenly Father who loves and knows me and in His Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior who atoned for me.  This knowledge brings me peace and joy in my life.

Thank you again for those who responded to my call.  Those who wish to stay as blog-stalkers, know that you are always welcome.  I think of you as I write, because you are my intended audience.  I invite you if you have any questions to email me or chat directly with a representative of the Mormon Church.

Your Friend,


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