Roll Call

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!!!  I sincerely hope that you have not already given up on your resolutions.  If you have, might I suggest that you re-evaluate and then make more realistic new ones :)

Where have I been?  Living my awesome life.  I hope you are not offended that I have not included you.  You see, a few weeks ago, I came across something yucky on the internet.  As a result, I have reduced my screen time to almost zero until now.  I avoided everything, even good sites (like my own blog!).

With this time away, I have realized a couple of things.  Life is better with less screen time and also that I didn't really miss you too much.  Sorry, but it's true.  I have always been open about my feelings about blogs (and how I wouldn't have one if I didn't feel like Heavenly Father wanted me to write about his Plan).

I have been trying to decide if I should make my last post and retire this blog or if I should continue.  In the beginning, I felt inspired by my Heavenly Father with every single sentence that I wrote.  Now, not so much.  If He does not need my efforts, then I definitely have many things that I could do with the time that it takes to write a college thesis on each of these topics (takes a little time, peeps).

Hence, I am asking for a roll call.  I have helped you, now please help me.  Please leave a comment (I allow anonymous comments for goodness sakes!!!!!!!) that lets me know what you think.  This is not intended to be a schmaltz-fest.  No comments that say "I would die without reading your blog".  I would also accept emails at lettersfromlindsay at gmail dot come, but then that would reveal to me who you are (and it seems that most of my readers are just as private as I am).

I promise I will come up with my decision soon on what I am going to do with this blog; if it is done, or if I just need to tweak it or something.  I'll even put a an end date on this.  January 23rd, I'll let you know of my decision.  All suggestions, insights  are welcome.

This is my internal debate.  Should I continue to review conference talks?  Should I only review conference talks?  Who is reading in Los Angeles (or fill in the blank another city)?  I don't have any family or friends in Los Angeles (or fill in the blank another city).  Would I be letting them down if I quit?  Am I too personal?  Am I too impersonal?  Are my posts too long?  Should I only post once a week, once a month?  How do I think/write faster, so that posting on this blog doesn't take so much time?  I loved my minimal screen time/ no blogs time.  Do people really read this?  Do they click on the links?  The links provide all of the good stuff like more information about the Mormon Church, articles in their entirety, videos of uplifting material, etc.

That's it.  I have had a good 3 weeks, many great spiritual insights, experiences, etc.

(If I keep the blog, I promise to fix the just takes time, but I will.)

Write back soon,



shara said…
Lindsay- this is the first time I have read your blog. I want to read your other entries, but need to return to the drudgery of paperwork. I look forward to reading more. Love your face. :)
Jen Bowen said…
I enjoy reading this blog when I think to check it. I enjoy the insights and food for thought. If you keep posting I'll check back from time to time but I wouldn't keep it going if you don't enjoy it anymore.
Lindsay said…
Good comments so far, I've definitely been thinking a lot. I also appreciate all of the emails as well. See you on Sunday!

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