The Cookie

Dear Mother,

This happened weeks ago, but I think it exemplifies the Christmas Season perfectly.  I was on my way into a store when I was approached by a few young girls asking if I wanted to buy a cookie.  The proceeds were going to support their church.  Honestly, I didn't even hear the whole name of the church nor do I know if it was for a certain program there or just a general fund.  I typically try to avoid fundraisers things like that (I just want my groceries).

Quickly, I thought.  I thought the price they were asking for the cookie was high (I know it was a fundraiser, but still I knew they were going to come WAY ahead on me.)  Also, this wasn't to support my church, so how did I know if it was going to support teaching something that I didn't agree with.

So, I decided to ask.  To these girls that were somewhere in between 8 and 10 years of age, I asked them if they believed in Jesus.  They said yes.  I asked them if their church taught them about Jesus and they said yes.  So then I asked one of the girls to tell me what she knew about Jesus (I really made her work hard for her overpriced fundraiser cookie).

She then proceeded to tell me so sweetly about Jesus' life, and how He sacrificed for us, ultimately giving His life.  She obviously had been taught well and knew the Bible.  I was pleased to hear how boldly and confidently she could share with me about the Savior.  I still don't know how to just talk face-to-face to somebody about my personal beliefs like that.  Writing is much easier.

In short, I bought one of their cookies and I must say that it was really really yummy, which is why I ate part of it before I got home and took a picture.

I believe in Jesus Christ.  He is my Savior.  He is the Savior of the World.  If we come unto Him, He will give us rest.  He will lift us up.



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