Christmas Season Kick-Off

Dear Readers,

I apologize for my recent behavior.  Blog Rule #2 does specifically state that I may post whenever I want, but I could almost feel the disappointment out of everyone who has checked my blog lately, only to see that I haven't posted.  I am always thinking, which is a blessing and a curse, but I can't just post to post.  Words are nothing without meaning behind them, so I have had a hard time knowing what to do over the past few weeks.

My family is going through a rough time.  Check that, my family is awesome, but making decisions involving outside situations and pressures is creating stress right now.  I just haven't felt in control, and if I am just flapping around in the wind, then I don't feel qualified to post on this blog.

Now things are different.  I am making the decision to be happy and have the Spirit with me despite the other things going on.  Those really are choices that we can make.

I have felt like a "Grinch" for a long time, and was quite humored when President Uchtdorf spoke of him last night in the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  I also liked when he said something like, "If we look for what is wrong with Christmas, we shall surely find it".  Well, I kept repeating that sentence over and over to me with "if we look for what is wrong with (fill in the blank), we shall surely find it."  I would add, "And you will be miserable while you find it."

As all three members of the First Presidency spoke of Jesus Christ and the healing power of the atonement last night, it has helped to prepare me to rise above the yuckies of the world.  I am ready to kick off my Christmas Season.  Oh sure, we've already been to a tree lighting, seen lights in the park, visited Santa, told the story of the Nativity 30+ times, and of course sung many songs, but I have not let the healing power of the atonement work in my life to more fully worship Jesus Christ.  I have not enjoyed the "reason for the season".

This is what I intend to do.  I will come out of my "funk" and allow myself to feel of Christ's love.

Merry Christmas,


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