Bearing a Testimony

Dear Friend A,

Today at Church, the Relief Society lesson ended a little early.  To not waste time, we shared testimonies.  I surprised myself and bore mine.  It felt quite good actually.  I expressed my thoughts and feelings and shared what was in my heart.

Bearing my testimony helped me to realize that I have one.  I have always had one, even through the past little bit.  It helped me to remember things that I am grateful for and things that are a part of my testimony.

How was your Church today?



Alisa said…
My day was not great. It was an extremely emotional day.
But I was glad to sing most of my time at church. And I am thankful for my extremely normal family. Throwing hymn books, slumping over at my feet while we sing together for the congregation and all. (we certainly don't pull off the "perfect family" anyway!)
Since my name starts with A, I thought I would answer your question.

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