What Kind of Man

Dear Friend L,

I thought you would be interested to hear about this experience.  Recently, Husband and I were with some of his professional peers.  The conversation was about cheating.  One thing they were discussing was the idea of marking someone down on the attendance roll that wasn't there, so that the person would still get credit (and avoid trouble) for attending the class.  Everyone seemed to be talking about it candidly like it was no big deal.  I noticed that Husband didn't say much, but I was curious.

That night as we climbed into bed, I asked "Have you ever signed anyone into class before?"  In the dark, Husband replied softly, "No."  My heart burst with pride to hear that he was not dishonest like some others.

I am grateful that Husband is my spouse.  I am grateful that he does not succumb to peer pressure.  I am grateful that he maintains high standards.  I am grateful that he is the father to my Daughter.  I sat in a training meeting over the weekend and was reminded of how important fathers are to the success of families.  Fathers often get overlooked in our society and given the bad rap.

I love Husband.  I love him so much.  I am grateful for the kind of man that he is.



Melissa said…
Your husband is a good man-which of course you already know :). Way to go for being honest even when it may be tough!

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