Thankful for a Temple

Dear Grandma,

My Stake does something interesting each year.  They hold an event called The Days of Thanksgiving.  During that day they ask everyone to sacrifice their time and go to the temple and do some work there.  The reason that they do this is because the temple is located within our stake's geographical boundaries and we recognize that there are many other people who do not live so close to the temple.  To show our gratitude, we try and pack the place the whole day so that it is always busy and constantly doing temple work.  By doing this, we believe that this is a way to show our gratitude for the temple that has been built in our city.

Husband and I went and it was wonderful.  Going to the temple brings tremendous peace to my life.  It is a blessing and something that I am truly grateful that I live so close to one now, and that I have always been blessed to live fairly close to one.

The October Ensign was all about temples.  I invite you to click through and enjoy the many many photos and short essays about temples.

I am thankful for many things.  The temple is just one of them.



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