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Dear Readers,

It snuck up on me!  Today is November 30th.  Today is the last day of the current or "old" website.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been making a "new" website ( and tomorrow it becomes THE website (replacing the "old").  Make sense?

I personally have been dreading this change as I have loved the layout on the old website and have not quite fallen in love with the layout on the new website.  To see some side by side changes, this page might be helpful.  They also recommend watching these tutorial videos to learn how to navigate the new layout.

I admit I have not watched them yet, I guess because I am enjoying the "classic" website as long as possible and maybe once I watch them I will be fully converted :).

One thing (and maybe why I am taking it so personal) is that the "A-Z Index" is harder to find now.  I use the "A-Z Index" probably 80% of the time that I am on  So to help you out, I will tell you how to find it.  You have to click on "Menu" at the top of the homepage.  Then looking under "Study" (it's in yellow font on the right) click on "Study by Topic" and there is the "A-Z Index" except for that it isn't called that anymore.

Things that are cool are the addition of the study journal (called "My Study Notebook").  You can highlight talks and make notes saved under your user-name.  Also, they have made it so easy to request a copy of your patriarchal blessing (if you need one).  It is under "Tools" which is found next to "Menu" (at the top) on the homepage.  Make note that underneath "Tools" is also where you can find the "Stake and Ward Websites" link (which to me seems like it used a lot).

Hope this helps.  Also, remember that is another great resource.  For those that are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I invite you to click around there as well.

I will also be posting a second time today.  Last night as I was preparing for bed, I felt distinctly that I should post about something today (and look at me putting it off :( ).  It was when I went to this morning to link to the scriptures and such that I was reminded of the big website change.  I will listen.  I will post.  I will to listen to know the words that should be written.

Readers, it is my delight to share with you.



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