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Out of the Mouth of Prophets - Part 3

Dear Readers,

Today is Monday.  Tonight is Family Home Evening (FHE).  Tonight we will be having this lesson.  We have been using the "new Nursery manual" for our FHE lessons as it fits my family's current demographics.

Our lesson will be about following the prophet.  If you remember from Conference:
"I...invite you in your next family home evening to find these principles in the words and teachings of our living prophets, seers, and revelators during this general conference." (Elder Costa)
I know it is a few weeks late, but I was waiting for it to correspond with our Nursery Manual lesson about prophets.

Okay, what exactly am I talking about?

Elder Costa and Elder Duncan both recited President Benson's "Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet".  Elder Duncan said that he repeated them, "Because they are of such great importance to our very salvation."  Yikes!  Note: Ezra Taft Benson was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when this devotional address was given at Brigham Young University on 26 February 1980 (from BYU website).

Elder Costa went through the first eight fundamentals and then asked us to cover numbers nine through fourteen in our next Family Home Evening using the words from Conference.  That is my plan for tonight.  Daughter's lesson will be great.  It will involve singing "Follow the Prophet" (while marching, it's in the lesson!!!), and we will play Follow the Leader (also approved lesson materials!).  Then after she goes to bed Husband and I will dive into these 14 Fundamentals and these two great Conference talks.  How can I leave them out?!?!?!  I can't.

I thought Elder Costa's talk was great.  Bam, right in the first session.  Then in the Saturday Afternoon session, double bam, Elder Duncan also brought up the 14 Fundamentals.  My follow-the-prophet-sensors went off and I realized that this was something not to be missed, which is also why I am excited to be highlighting these talks today!

Elder Costa's talk entitled "Obedience to the Prophets" was like a textbook.  I thought it was a great introduction to what a prophet is, so if you are not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints start with this one.  It very simply states the doctrine that supports our belief in a prophet.  It is a great resource that puts a lot of the scriptures about prophets in one place.

"The prophet and President of the Church today, Thomas S. Monson, receives God’s word for the entire membership of the Church and for the world (Elder Duncan)."  "For the world."  I like that.  I remember that statement particularly resounded within me when I first heard it.  The prophet cannot personally knock on every person's door or call them on the phone to make sure that they are hearing what the Lord is telling the whole Earth.  Kind of makes me think about missionary here to read some recent thoughts about that.

"And the Lord does the same today for you and me. This world is full of so many self-help books, so many self-proclaimed experts, so many theorists, educators, and philosophers who have advice and counsel to give on any and all subjects. With technology today, information on a myriad of subjects is available with the click of a keystroke. It is easy to get caught in the trap of looking to the “arm of flesh” (see D&C 1:19) for advice on everything from how to raise children to how to find happiness. While some information has merit, as members of the Church we have access to the source of pure truth, even God Himself. We would do well to search out answers to our problems and questions by investigating what the Lord has revealed through His prophets. With that same technology today, we have at our fingertips access to the words of the prophets on nearly any subject." (Elder Duncan)
I could do a whole post on this excerpt.  What jumps out most at me is the idea that answers are available for "any and all" questions.  Sure, I read my scriptures and pray and write in my journal.  I don't always just look to the "arm of flesh", though I know I do and perhaps too much.  This is something that I look forward to implementing in my life.  The idea that I could do a search on and that I have been guaranteed to find advice and counsel among all of the things that have been revealed to God's prophets and apostles, because as Elder Duncan also points out, we sustain the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as prophets, seers, and revelators.  I am not quite getting out what I want to, so I hope you enjoy the above quote and find a way to make it your own, because it is indeed an important principle.

There is so much to say, but my last 2 things that I want to share are two of the fundamentals from Elder Benson.  I think all 14 are outstanding, but for some reason there are two that I want to share.

“Fourth: The prophet will never lead the Church astray."  That is kind of like the ultimate product guarantee, right?

“Twelfth: The prophet will not necessarily be popular with the world or the worldly."  So, if I think that President Monson rocks, then I must not be worldly?  Alright, a simple test to know if you are worldly or not, well kind of :)

If you wish to watch either of these conference addresses by Elder Costa or Elder Duncan, click here.  Just find the talks, and watch, download, whatever you want.

I love President Thomas S. Monson.  (Here is a biography about him)  He is the living prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I know that God speaks to him.  Our family loves to pray for him.

How do you feel about the prophet?  What did you love from these two talks?  I would love to hear.  My email address is lettersfromlindsay at gmail dot com.

Marchingly (I'm excited for FHE.  Daughter loves to march),


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