Best Memory Ever

Dear Sister,

Do you remember when we used to have Church at the Stake Center?  They had vents by the window for heating, cooling, ventilation, who knows.  Do you remember poofing out your dresses?  I loved to do this.  You might be too young to remember.  Sometimes we had to wait for Mom and Dad to finish talking to people and we would gather in the foyer, the one by the Stake President's office, because we always parked on that side.  When the vents were going we would play by them and let our dresses fly up (not sure if we flashed people or not, but we would have been wearing tights).  I think that S. let his tie float up in the "wind" or something.  I'll have to ask him.

Anyways, by accident, Daughter discovered some vents like those ones recently.  See how they look the same?  It must be the same system as what they had at the church.  All in flash, I remembered how we loved to play on those vents (and got in trouble for it too!).

Yay for fun memories!!!



Ashley said…
Yes I remember : ) It kinda felt cool... I think. ha

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