"Tune In" About The Holy Ghost

Dear Husband,

I felt rushed telling you this on the phone, so writing it out will definitely be much better.

This is what I meant about the Holy Ghost.

"And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." Moroni 10:5

Many times the Holy Ghost has been compared to a radio broadcast.  Even in this talk does Pres. Faust talk about that.  He says:
"My first radio was a crystal set. It was hard to tune to the frequency of a particular radio station. I had to literally scratch the receiving wire whisker over the top of the rough crystal to find the right pinpoint, a little valley or peak on the crystal where the signal was received. Just a millimeter off on either side of that point and I would lose the signal and get scratchy static. Over time, with patience and perseverance, good eyesight, and a steady hand, I learned to find the signal point on the crystal without too much difficulty.
So it is with inspiration. We must attune ourselves to the inspiration from God and tune out the scratchy static."
 I have heard this analogy a lot and it is fairly popular to repeat throughout our Church.  It is a good comparison to show that there are things that we must do personally to receive that inspiration/ promptings of the Holy Ghost.  It also shows that there isn't a lot of room for error in our life.  We must choose to follow the commandments to be "in tune", or if we choose ungodly things then we forfeit our opportunity to hear the broadcast and instead hear the "scratchy static".

This is a great analogy.  However, in my recent learning I have more to say about the Holy Ghost.  Because of this analogy I have always thought of the Holy Ghost as radio station.  Well, I realized recently that I was thinking that the Holy Ghost was like a radio station in the 1920's instead of a radio station now.

In the 1920's, radio stations were a newer novelty.  Depending on the area, stations could vary greatly with their programming.  Some stations only had a few programs throughout the day.  They had their broadcasts when they thought listeners were most available to listen, many times avoiding mealtimes.  Stations that did have non-stop programming still signed off every night following their evening program.  No station had a continuous broadcast as they do now.

I used to think that was how the Holy Ghost worked.  True, I just didn't really think about it, but I thought he was just there when I wanted to listen.  We do call him the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  He is my gift from Heavenly Father and I thought it was up to me to say when I used my gift.  I could pray to Heavenly Father and ask for the gift of the Holy Ghost to comfort me, guide me, etc.

I now realize that Holy Ghost is as modern as any radio station.  He will always be on the cutting edge and up to date with what is going on.  He will have the right information to broadcast AND he is ALWAYS there.  He doesn't have breaks in his programming like I originally thought.  He doesn't just snap to action and "come on the air" if I want him too.  He is trying to tell me things 24/7.  He has things to tell me, guide me, warn me, etc. even when I am not asking for it.

If I live my life worthy of this awesome gift, then I will hear so much more of what he is trying to say to me.  This will be in the form of inspiration and promptings as thoughts, actions, etc.  Once I hear these things THEN I can act upon them and TRULY(!!!) be an instrument in the Lord's hands.

Isn't that so cool?

I totally feel like I am beginning to hear what the Holy Ghost is saying as my constant companion.  To reiterate, before I thought that He only spoke when spoken too.  Now I realize that he is my constant companion that is always guiding me, unless I offend the Spirit (Him) then he shuts up and waits to be acknowledged again.

Can't wait for our date tonight! and P.S. I totally have to find something to wear for Monday.  Help, please!  P.P.S.  Read the article by Pres. Faust.  You won't regret it.



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