Recession Busters

Dear Readers,

So I make it my business to be familiar with the websites that are run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so excited to share with you a resource that I recently found.

The ldscatalog website is now Here you can buy all sorts of materials (scriptures, pictures, DVD's, music recordings, lesson manuals, etc.) that are approved for use by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If it is approved for use in our Church than most certainly it would be wonderful to use in our homes!!!

They just highlighted the new Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Resource DVD. It sounds neat with a bunch of study aids to help further your testimony of the Restoration. However, I am especially excited about it because it includes several movies on it. These include Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (originally shown in the Joseph Smith Building in Salt Lake City), Legacy, Only a Stonecutter, Mountain of the Lord, and I can't remember the fifth and it doesn't say. These are all films that I have wanted to own myself, but they have all been $4.50 a piece. Now you can get all of them for $4.50 (and all of the other pictures, etc)!!!  If you haven't been privileged to see their films than you are seriously missing out!!!

(Check out the Old Testament Resource DVD. It came out earlier this year, and I am sure the New Testament and Book of Mormon ones will be coming out in the coming months!)

I am so grateful that my parents saw the wisdom in keeping Church approved materials in our home. Back before the internet existed we would make a special trip to a Materials Distribution Center anytime we were in Utah so that we could buy pictures and movies to have around our house. As kids our rooms were decorated with posters of Christ and Church Standards instead of movie stars, and popular music artists.

I know we're all watching our money right now (yeah, updated our budget last night....ouch!), so as the Holiday Shopping season kicks off (not for me of course), I want to put in a word for Buy your family and friends something from there. It is cheap, affordable (free shipping), and totally the type of uplifting thing that you want to give anyways.



Melissa said…
I hadn't realized that the Joseph Smith movie even came out on DVD yet. Thanks for sharing- and for passing on that you can buy it with all those other movies as well. I'll definitely need to stop by the distribution center in Utah when we're there for the holidays.

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