New Series

Dear Readers,

The time has come.  I am going to start posting about General Conference.  This will be a series of posts highlighting the different talks and what was meaningful  to me.  It will be called "Out of the Mouth of Prophets".  It will begin tomorrow, October 23rd marking three weeks from when the first session was held.

Have you already forgotten that we even had Conference?  I think this is a great time to start, because minds need reminding and it is too early for the Conference issue of the Ensign to be out.

This series will run whenever.  I am not going to post it everyday for a month, for there are about 28 talks.  I will post them when I feel it is right to post them.  That is how I decide which letter to write, by listening to the Spirit.  I typically have about 15 drafts at a time.  Sometimes the letter has been written and sent to its recipient, but it has to wait to be posted here.  Sometimes, I just have a title or idea that kicks around for awhile, because it is something that I am thinking about.  Sometimes these drafts fade away and eventually are deleted, because I feel it's not what Heavenly Father wants posted.

Lastly, for the sake of simplicity I will abbreviate the label to "OMP - Oct 2010".  (The OMP is for "Out of the Mouth of Prophets", just in case anyone got lost :)  This way it will be easy to find all of these Conference Posts.

Because I can't leave you without making you better....

I am so excited to share these things with you.  Re-watching the highlights video just made so excited!!!



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