My Successes

Dear Friend P,

Over the past few weeks I have seen the word "fail" everywhere.  In news articles, blogs, websites, conversations, too many places to be a coincidence.  There are whole websites devoted to finding the failures of others, but it also appears that it is cool and popular to find personal "fail".  That seems almost worse.

I am concerned about how negative our culture has become.  I don't know if negative is the right word, but the idea that we are supposed to talk ourselves down.  Do people really feel that crummy about themselves?  Are we ALL having such self-esteem issues that we put ourselves down in order to gain acclaim with others?  Ridiculous, if you ask me.  I like me for me, and so I want to tell you about some of my successes.

At the gym recently, a man stopped my husband to tell him what good running form I have.  That meant THE WORLD to me.  Apparently, I am a good runner with good form that will prevent injuries for the rest of my life!

At the gym also a few weeks ago there were a bunch of muscular men lifting weights.  Now they weren't doing anything to be intimidating except for using the same machines as I was, but using 3-5 times the weight that I use.  Yeah, kind of embarrassing to move the pin from 100 lbs. to 20 lbs, but I told myself to buck up and go lift my normal routine, which I did.  I was glad that I was brave and loved me enough to conquer my fears.

I also just invited my friend P to attend church with me.  I have always been deathly afraid of inviting anyone to church, because my beliefs were attacked in high school, so it made me never want to share them.  This might be an easy thing for a lot of people, but an accomplishment of a huge fear for me!

I have crafted a lot lately, and someone even complimented me on my card-making skills!  Kind of hard to tell I know, but I didn't want to take an individual picture of each one!  The one with the witch hat and broom says "Best Witches".  It is embossed.  Okay, so the picture doesn't really do them any justice.
I am a great cook.  We have been making yummy food and trying new recipes for lots of things.  I have decided that I LOVE macaroni salad (pictured here, and yes I don't use macaroni noodles).  I am thinking that I am related to whoever invented the macaroni salad recipe!
I am trying new projects.  Anybody want to guess what Daughter is going to be for Halloween?  Hint: It's not finished in the this picture.

Also with this picture, it shows a new shirt that I bought.  I have been making a lot of excuses when it comes to shopping for new clothes.  What good is losing weight if you look awful in your old clothes?!?!?!  With Husband's help I have finally picked out some things that fit more properly.  Yay for the skinny me!
I know I am not perfect and I am constantly working on improving myself.  BUT, I always have to stop and remember that the me that I am trying to improve is still really great, and not one great big "fail".

This makes me think of President Hinckley's talk to the youth where he gave us the "six B's".  I remembering sitting at that fireside hearing these and how they have shaped my life since that time.  I have often remembered them, as they have helped me to become my best successful self.

I am successful.  I am happy.



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