Media Report

Dear Readers,

A long time ago I said that I was not going to watch a certain television show anymore.  Since that time I am happy to report that I have done that.  I haven't really been tempted that much, which is great.  Just a couple of days ago I was so close to looking up some new episodes, so I am here to publicly hold myself accountable that I will not watch this show.

After giving up this show I decided to give up two websites/ blogs.  I am happy to say that immediately from that decision I have never visited one of them again.  The other I continued to visit for a little bit of time, but I haven't been there in over a month and hereby publicly say I will not visit it again.

Go me!!!  That's mainly the point of this post, to be about me and my accountability, but........

Let's issue a challenge, eh?  Are you watching something that you know you shouldn't?  Are you reading something that you know you shouldn't?  Is there something that you totally know you should get out of your life, but you are too chicken to do so?

Don't let Satan have power over you.  Hold yourself to a higher standard than he would allow you to.

Decide today!  Tell your friends.  Tell me.  Make yourself be accountable and enjoy the blessings that come from clean living.



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