A "Love"-ly Memory

Dear Husband,

Today at piano lessons I stopped dead in my tracks as I remembered a memory.

I had told my student last week that if he "earned stars" on all of his songs I would give him a prize.  All I was after was for him to play his songs well.  I had offered incentives to some of my other students, but never him and well I felt like it was time, lest jealousy should come.  Well, for the prize I decided he could pick a pencil.......kind of lame, compared to some of the other incentives/ prizes, but I also figured that I wasn't asking that much out of him.  I guess I was also banking on the fact that all elementary school kids love pencils???  I did.

I did feel so lame, that I offered him TWO pencils out of my collection which was just a handful of the pencils out of our A&W mug, you know the ones that we have had FOREVER.  I used to collect them in my youth, kind of like how I collected everything...you've heard my stories.

Well, he goes to pick out his pencils, and he chooses THIS one!!!! (Yes, I pulled out my camera right then and there, because I just couldn't quite let it go!!!)
I about had a nervous breakdown when he really truly wanted it.  I mean isn't it kind of a girl pencil?!?!?!  Kiss me?!?! (He told me that both pencils were red and white, which was true, but still...)

I know it's just a pencil, but ALL of a sudden my mind was flooded with memories.

THIS pencil was the pencil that I found one morning while at work.  I was a custodian in the religion building at Brigham Young University and I worked the early morning shift.  THIS pencil was underneath a chair in the large auditorium.  I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't been so diligently vacuuming under all of the seats.  THIS pencil just happened to be found on your birthday or the day before.  I wrapped it up and gave it to you.  Do you remember?  We were engaged that year.  I am sure you can remember the schmaltzy presentation that accompanied it.

I kind of tried to explain this pencil's significance, but I could tell that he didn't care.  I guess I had to have a little ceremony for me.

Now it is gone, but it is okay.  Be proud, because I actually thought about refusing this boy his prize, but I let it go.  It is a fun memory, but more trash than treasure to us now.

I look forward to finishing up our Fall Cleaning this weekend.



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