God Loves All of His Children

Dear Brother,

Did you turn on the t.v. after I called?  Watching those thirty-three miners be rescued in Chile was truly amazing.  I wish you were here to translate for us.  Husband says that Chileans speak Spanish weird, but he also says that you would say that Spaniards speak Spanish weird. :)  I just want to know what they were saying during their chant.  I got the "Chi, Chi, Chi, Le, Le, Le" part, but that's it.

I have some reflections as I have decided that this story is the poster-child for hope.  I also still am in a state of disbelief or shock, even though the whole ordeal is over.  I admit that I casually followed the story the past few months, expecting to hear that it ended in death.

1.  These men and their families exhibited an insane amount of hope.  The day they went missing, their families set up camp at the mine.  These men went missing August 5th.  Do you know where I was August 5th?  I was with you.  We were at the family reunion, water skiing and goofing off together.  August 5th was way before school started, way before piano lessons started, a whole month before Labor Day (which seems forever ago!), etc.  I have Halloween decorations now.  Sixty-nine days is a really really long time, and these miners and their families were able to maintain hope.

2.  These men spent the first 17 days in darkness.  Where was I seventeen days ago?  That even seems an eon ago.  Now imagine spending all of that time in physical darkness with little food.  If it were me, I don't know how I could have kept my Spirit from slipping into darkness and despair.  I know these miners did think they were going to die in the mine at first, but still.  Would I have given up after 3 days? a week?  Surely I wouldn't have lasted 17?!?!?!

3.  The second  to the last man who was pulled from the mine had a baby born while he was in the mine.  Are you kidding me?  I too have given birth without my husband with me, but I cannot even imagine the strength and hope of this man's wife.  When I gave birth, Husband was on the phone with me throughout a lot of it.  He was also to buy a plane ticket to make it back to be with me and the baby approximately 12 hours after she was born.  Husband didn't miss that much.  This woman had to give birth without her husband and then he missed the whole first month of his daughter's life.  He didn't get to hold his daughter whom they named "Esparanza (Hope)".  He didn't get to see her wrap her little fingers around his, see the first bath, and all of the growing that happens in that first month.  There was a chance this little baby might never have known her father.

4.  The President of Chile recognized that the hand of the Lord was present throughout this process.  In two different speeches he said that they needed to praise God.  I think it is wonderful that would remember to thank Heavenly Father for all of his help, because truly this was an amazing feat that He helped with.  That the rescue happened so smoothly and ahead of schedule is no coincidence.

5.  Lastly, when the final miner was rescued the President of Chile asked everyone to remove their hard hats, place them over their hearts and sing the Chilean National Anthem.  They sang it with such gusto.  It was so neat to watch this display of nationalism.  It makes me want to display an American flag to remind myself that I too am proud of my country.  I am proud of Chile for this accomplishment in their country and hope that ours can learn from it.

Yes, God loves all of his children.  It doesn't matter where any of them reside on Earth, the color of their skin, the language that they speak.  Heavenly Father's Plan applies to all.  He wants us all to return to live with him again.

I love you brother.



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