The Center of My Home

Dear Sister,

We are always in a constant battle to clean up our home.  You know that we are third maybe fourth generation pack rats.  Husband and I have been working so hard over the last two years to get rid of things and adapt to a new lifestyle.  It's probably not so much the hanging on to things aspect as we don't have a place for everything so it ends up as cluttered piles around our house.

We're doing a pretty good job, and have made considerable progress.  Whenever we have open Saturdays (yeah, rare) we try to tackle more of our goal.  We are trying to have a "House of Order".

Here is a great example of what I am trying to overcome.....

It's been a few weeks now, but I cleaned out our refrigerator.

I have normal things in there.

I also have food that goes bad.

Then I had these bottles in there.  They were empty.   Totally weird, but here's the story.  One day Husband, Daughter and I were driving home from a choir rehearsal in June (yes, really June).  On our way home, we spontaneously decided to stop at a certain gas station and get drinks.  To sweeten the deal, Daughter fell asleep in the car, so we were able to have an impromptu date.  Cool drinks, a chance to talk, it was awesome, especially since it was all so spontaneous.  When we got home we had a little left, so we threw them in the fridge.  Well, when we finished them, I couldn't stand to throw out the memory of that great experience.  Fast forward a couple of months, and um, it sounds dumb.  I even tried to put these bottles back in the refrigerator after I took the picture, but I did feel funny enough about it that I recycled them. :)

Ah, the rice.  This rice dates back to January.  What?!?!?!  Yep, it's true.  This rice is from our trip to Disney World.  Rice is one of Daughter's favorite foods.  I had made some for her to eat on our way TO Disney World.  Somehow it didn't get all eaten and got lost in the bottom of the cooler and made it all the way HOME from Disney World.  I honestly didn't see it in the refrigerator for many, many weeks and by that point, since it hadn't molded over, I let it stay.  Every time I opened up the refrigerator and saw my non-moldy rice, but inedible rice, it made me smile.  D-World was a really really fun vacation for my family.

What have we learned here?  I sometimes place too much emotion on possessions.  Trust me, I have become much better than when we were kids.

Our latest victory comes from yesterday!!!  We moved our computer into our bedroom.  It always made sense to have it in our living room before, but now that it has moved out, it is easier for Christ to be the center of our home.  Sometimes we spent more time on the computer than we should have.  Surfing the internet, researching products, working on projects, checking sports scores, etc.  There are way too many things to be distracting.  Don't get me wrong, I think the computer is a great tool, and it is nice to have things digitized, but sometimes it was controlling me, instead of my being in control.

Now, our living room seems to be so much more full of the Spirit.  The gaping hole that our desk left is filled with family time, scripture reading, song singing and less distraction.  We had family time, scripture reading, and song singing daily before, but it is so much more enhanced now, because we aren't quickly "checking on something".

At the temple last week I was reminded that Christ is supposed to be at the center of my marriage and at the center of my home and I LOVE how it is now.  I invite you to come over and see it ;)



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