Baby Mine

Dear Daughter,

I can't believe how grown up you are.  Everyday you change and become less baby and more grown up.  I don't even know that I can call you a baby at all anymore.  I have no reason that I can think of.

You can open up doors, help set/ clear the table for dinner, drink from a cup, use silverware, are over 3 feet tall (that's tall enough for roller coasters!!!), sing songs, recognize the prophet, Thomas S. Monson and all 12 of the Apostles by sight (totally amazing, I still am in awe!).  You can jump up and down, know how to hold and turn pages in a book, climb stairs with no help, reach the light switches, mastered potty training, express yourself with a million vocabulary words (I wish I knew the exact number, because it is numerous).  You can put together puzzles, count to 15, know all of the ABC's, and can recognize most shapes and colors.  You already know how to pray and love to read scripture stories.  Some of these things I have listed off you have been doing for almost a year!  Some of these things you learned late spring/ early summer, and every day your wealth of knowledge continues to increase.

I love you so much.  I love your kisses.  I love your hugs.  I love that you will offer these any time that you feel like it.  I love that you want to use words so that we can carry on conversations and communicate our needs to each other.  I love how you love other children.  My heart aches that we are not able to provide you with a sibling at this time, because I know that you would be the best big sister ever.  You would not be jealous.  I know that you would help Mom.  I have seen how you care for your baby doll.  I love that you play the piano everyday.  I can tell that you are progressing very well though I have not shown you anything yet.  You will be very skilled and I hope that someday you will share this talent with others.  I love to sing and dance with you.  I love that you know so many songs.  I can tell that you understand so much of what Dad and I say, though you are still figuring out how to process it all and share back with us how you want to sometimes.

I know that sometimes Mom and Dad help a lot of people.  We help a lot of children and sometimes that takes away from our time with you.  Sometimes we think about our inability to have children, but I want you to know that we love you.  We love you right now.  We know that this is a special time while you are learning so many things and someday you won't be this age anymore.  I am trying not to be distracted, because I don't want to look back someday and realize that I missed it.  I don't want to regret that I kept looking to the future "when you were older and things would be different".

I wanted to take a minute right now, to stop, and tell you that I love you.  No distractions, no other children on my mind, for indeed I am lucky to be your Mom.  You were right when you said tonight at dinner that Mom and Dad are the luckiest parents in the world.

 Heavenly Father made you beautiful.
 You will be a great mommy.
 You have a beautiful smile.
I love you.  Dad does too.



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