You Heard it Here First

Dear Readers,

You heard it here first!!!!  That's right I am happy to announce that I will be making plans to run another marathon in April of 2011.

I was running on Friday and I realized that I really missed it.  I know it was hot all summer (my excuse!) so that is why I took some time off, but I really really missed it.  It feels good to run.  It feels good to have time to think.  It feels good to challenge myself and accomplish something.  I'm not going to lie, it feels good to look at marathoner legs in the mirror, but that is definitely a bonus, not my motivation to run a marathon.

I am running this marathon for a few reasons.

1.  I want to run the entire thing.  I am not upset that I had to walk some in the last one, but I want to set a higher challenge for myself this time.  I know that I can push myself to do it, because when you hit the very end, it is definitely mind over matter.  I want to be in control.  I love pushing through a run knowing that I told me what to do, not my body nagging me to stop short, so  I do.

2.  I want to post a faster time.  Once again, I am proud of my 5 hour 17 minute finish last time.  I finished (and thankfully during the 6 hours of diverted traffic and water support).  One thing that is hard about training for a marathon is that it takes so much time.  If I can speed up, then it won't be so long and that definitely sounds appealing.  5 hours and 16 minutes would be acceptable, but I am hoping for anything under 5 hours.

3.  I want to run another marathon, because now I know stuff.  Before I just ran.  Now I know more about proper attire/ shoes, what to eat, when to rest, etc.  This will definitely makes things a lot easier and I will be able to achieve my goal in comfort, not just because of sheer grit/ determination.

***My one disclaimer is that I won't enter the race if I have a financial issue, but I am definitely training for it (and I know that Husband wouldn't let me not enter, if I tell him that this is my goal...I'm the one that would say that we didn't have enough money.  Husband is the best ever!)

Disclaimers aside, it's time to lace up the old running shoes.  Anybody want to join me?  If not, think about your own life marathon as laid out in this wonderful analogy by Joseph B. Wirthlin.



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