Who I Am and What I Am About

Dear Readers,

***Warning: I know this is going to be the longest blog post ever, but I just feel like I have to say it all in one place, instead of breaking it up***

Ever since I observed my Four Month Anniversary I have been thinking about this blog.  I knew I kind of wanted to make some changes, but I was going to wait until I hit 100 posts, because that seemed like the magic number where all of a sudden you weren't a newbie anymore.  I planned on updating my FAQ page, etc.  However, since I have been so bothered, I am writing this update now to reflect how I feel about my blog, and who I am and what I am about.

I have always thought that blogs were an interesting idea.  The idea of publicly publishing your life and expecting other people to read it, seemed weird to me.  I never was interested in blogging until I attended a Relief Society activity and the topic was blogging.  I wasn't even going to go that night, but I did.  Everyone there raved about how they loved to have an online scrapbook, to record their family's history, to share pictures with family who lived out of state, a recipe database, etc., but I wasn't buying it still.  Blogging was just another one of those faddish follow the crowd endeavors.  It wasn't until I was reminded of the the article by Elder Russell M. Ballard entitled "Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet" that I started thinking about it.  I felt that with all of the negative things on the internet about Mormons that I did need to add my voice to speak up for what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really believes or else I was letting my Heavenly Father down.

So I came up with the idea of letters, something which is familiar to me.  I am always writing someone, and I am always thinking of things that I want to write to someone.  Then I planned to try to link back to the Church in hopes that others would learn more about it and see Mormons painted in a positive light.

Over the past four months I gave it a try, posting and slowly finding my voice.  I didn't immediately tell everyone I knew (or more than five people) that I had a blog, because I had to figure out all of the features and hoopla that came with it and if I wanted to be a positive representative for my church then I felt like I had to get things figured out before I could hope to project myself to strangers.  Some days I don't want to blog and I think the whole idea is dumb, but I am always driven by the promptings of the Holy Ghost that this is what God wants me to do (and I've learned not to argue with Him).

I have stated before that my goal is to share my beliefs with those that I don't know.  This is true.  However, I like to think of this blog as a sharing blog rather than a proselyting blog.  I am hoping that someone will read my blog, feel of my hope in my beliefs, and if they choose to want more information then there is a link for them to find it.

I go back and forth between feeling like a narcissist.  I guess I just know too many people that blog to feel popular through receiving validating comments.  That is so not me.  I am confidant in who I am and what I believe, so I don't care whether or not I am lavished with praise.  I used to worry about being mocked behind my back, but I have realized how dumb that would be.  I write what I write as directed by the Holy Ghost.  I am NOT an entertainer and if it ends up that no one ever reads my blog or is helped by it, at least I know that I am alright with God.

One thing I do like about my blog is the raw emotion and thoughts.  These aren't works of fiction.  The letter format makes for an interesting read.  It is like a secret peek into Lindsay's brain, which for those who know me might be interesting, and maybe not so much for those who don't.  These are letters that I really send to people or wish that I had the courage to send.

With all of that said, here are my blog rules (and my expectations of my readers).

1.  Readers will understand that Lindsay is NOT an official spokesperson for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints nor is this one of their official websites.  These are Lindsay's own thoughts and beliefs and should be recognized as such.

2.  I reserve the right to post whenever I want.  There will be no set schedule as to create zero pressure to me. (kind of like how I spent forever on this post, thank you for your patience!)

3.  I reserve the right to follow my personal blogging policy which is such:  This is not my journal.  This not a family scrapbook.  These are thoughts that I would like to share with others.  I hope these posts brighten some one's day and lightens their load.  My personal policy is that I blog about me.  This is my blog, not my family's, and not my friend's or neighbor's.  I hate it when people talk about other people on their blogs.  If somebody moves or has a baby then that is their news to post.  If they don't post it then they don't want it broadcasted.

3.  I reserve the right to be concerned about my privacy.  This includes not naming names, places, dates, and being vague in some details.  This also includes protecting my pictures.  Readers who take screen-shots of my content recognize that that is completely lame and cowardly because they are welcome to email (lettersfromlindsay at gmail dot com)and ask for it respectfully.

4.  I reserve the right to avoid giving shout-outs.  I don't link to others (except for sites affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).  I don't mean to take credit for others ideas, so I'll say that I read or heard it somewhere, I just won't mention where, because that is distracting to my purpose.  Email me if you have a specific question about something.  People talk like this in conversations and these letters are meant to be conversational, not written for a blog.

5.  I reserve the right to use CAPS whenever I want.  Readers are to understand that I am never yelling when I use them.  I use caps instead of italics.  They are to show emphasis on a word (and are in my opinion, easier to read than italics).  Those who know me, might be able to imagine my voice inflection as my use of caps reflects that.  Caps are about the only thing I use instead of making the font larger, colorful, etc. (because I think those other things are totally annoying).

6.  Readers will acknowledge that these are Lindsay's true thoughts and feelings and will be respectful of her views.  I feel like this is my gift to the world to openly talk about things that I hold so dear to me.  You are my guest and I will be try to be a good hostess.  Hecklers and critics will spend their time elsewhere.  Seriously life is too short to waste on this blog if you are not getting anything positive out of it

7.  Readers will understand that just because I post something on my blog does not mean that I want to talk about it in person, or maybe even at all.  These are MY thoughts and I just don't want them to be thrown around like they are no big deal in passing conversation.  Surely you can understand that.  Most of us guard our thoughts, and I am no different.  However, feel free to comment or email me at anytime as I can control when I read those (i.e. in a bloggy mood).  Like I have always said, I don't NEED your comments to validate me. I don't NEED your praise, because I am confidant in my thoughts and feelings.  They are always welcome though, because I don't want to shut my readers out.  That would be rude.

8.  Lastly, Readers will not take offense to posts.  I have met thousands of people throughout my life, and they ALL are reflected in these letters.  It might be about you, it might not, so relax.  If you are 100% sure you recognize yourself, know that I have done everything possible so that others won't recognize you.  I am not trying to tear anyone down, so take my criticism or praise with a grain of salt, and enjoy!!!

Well, I feel better already.  I just needed to redefine my purpose and get it all out there where I stand.

Now here follows some things that I DO want you to know about me.  I hate it when people assume things about me and make judgments without knowing all of the information.  Everyone wants to be understood and appreciated for who they are........so here's me!

I am a daughter of God.  He loves me.  He knows who I am.  When I grow up I have the opportunity to be just like Him, the same way that my daughter hopes to grow up just like me on Earth.  I love my beliefs and they are central in guiding every decision that I make.  I try to live a life filled with hope, because the future is bright.
I love my husband.  He is so awesome to me and the much better spouse in our relationship.  He is so patient and forgiving.  I love working together at our marriage, for indeed marriage is not for pansies!  I love being united on EVERYTHING that we do.  I love trying new things together and I am sooooo excited to spend forever with him.  I love being a wife.  It is one of my most important roles.
 I love being a Mom.  My daughter is so sweet and a joy in a my life.  I am thankful that Heavenly Father chose me to teach her what she should know.
I love to cook.  I love to never follow a recipe, whether that means I make something up or I tweak a recipe to make it my own.  If I had a cooking blog it'd be called "They Call Me Spinach Woman" (I don't have time for this....wish I did, but I totally don't.  If I am ever stranded on desert island with a laptop and wi-fi then I will have time.....haha, so never)  These s'mores were crafted during a "burn ban" and so we had to be creative with the camp stove.  If you've never put peanut butter on a s'more.  I dare you to try it.  You'll never go back.
I received some photography pointers a few months ago and have enjoyed putting them to use.  The following picture isn't anything special, just a caterpillar on a campout, but before this workshop I never would have been able to take a shot like that.  I do like to camp, because I love being out in my Heavenly Father's creations.  I don't know if I could call photography a hobby yet, because I don't really have time for it.  I just try to take better pictures than I used to.  I am not really sure why I am including this tidbit about me, but oh well.
I love music.  We sing a lot in our house.  We also play the piano and dance daily.  I love being efficient with my time and resources.  I hate waste.  This has led to my struggle with clutter as I am always struggling to throw things away.  I am a self-proclaimed stuff-a-holic (I didn't say I was proud of it) and am trying to change.  I also love to run.  I ran a marathon five months ago and I hope to do it again next year.
I love me.  I have a great life.  Best wishes to you all.



Jen Bowen said…
Writing letters to share your thoughts, ideas, and testimony is a really cool idea for a blog. It's refreshing to see something different than the average run-of-the-mill blog. Thanks for sharing! By the way, Daughter is adorable.

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