Listen to the Still Small Voice

Dear Sister,

I have had THIS song stuck in my head.  I think it is the shortest, simplest song in the Primary Children's Songbook, but the message behind it has really been impressed into my heart.

I have been working on our Primary's Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  I know, the last time we talked I didn't know that I was I going to write it, but I found out last weekend so I have been working on it all week.  How is yours?  Did you have that planning meeting yet?

This has been a unique experience for me.  I have been learning how to listen to the Spirit over the past few months.  Well, I guess I have known how to listen, but I am working on being diligent and following what the Holy Ghost prompts me to do.

Working on this presentation many times I would write something and I would be directed to change it.  The exact wording would come to my mind.  I also didn't think it would be long enough, but the Holy Ghost told me not to add anything to the program.  It is written in a different format than anything that I have ever seen done in a Primary Presentation.  It made me nervous to submit it for approval.  I was afraid that others wouldn't feel what I had felt so strongly to write.  Exact names came to me for who should say what and how the order of speaking should be.

I am looking forward to seeing it all come together during the next month.

I have learned a lot about following the Holy Ghost or listening to the Spirit of the Lord.  I know we have many names for it and that it can be confusing.  I do hope that my confidence will grow in the future so that I won't worry so much about what other people will think.  The Holy Ghost will testify the truth of all things to me.  I don't need to worry even if it does seem unconventional or unpopular.

I love you.  You sounded really tired the last time we talked.  I hope all is well for you.



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