Join the Fun

Dear Brother,

I know you are incredibly busy with your new semester, but I want to invite you to become an indexer.  I recently received this message from "Headquarters":
"Sunday and Monday were our best indexing days this year.  We indexed a combined total of 2 million records.  Additionally, we arbitrated almost 1 million records.  Great work, everyone!  From the 455 people who submitted their first batches on Sunday, to the 182 people who indexed over 1000 records each, to the 14,150 other wonderful individuals who contributed, it's amazing what we can accomplish together in behalf of researchers around the world.  Thank you!
Tuesday was our third best day of the year, right after Sunday and Monday.  Fantastic!  We can't express enough thanks to all of you who are contributing."
Woo hoo!!!  I was a part of that!  Don't you want to join?  I believe that I only indexed 100 names on Sunday and I am not sure about Monday and Tuesday, but look at the collective effort!

Go HERE to the FamilySearch indexing website and then click the Get Started button.  Trust me there are plenty of places to get help if you have questions.



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