Internal Clock

Dear Friend R,

I just wanted to ask if your children have the same internal clock that Daughter does.

Every Sunday in Sacrament Meeting it is difficult for my daughter to sit still and quiet the entire time.  She doesn't like to be quiet during the passing and partaking of the sacrament.  Today I loved it.  A six year old turned around and put her finger to her lips to my daughter.  The example did rub off and helped Daughter to sit better.

My daughter has this internal clock.  She knows when it is has been one hour and five minutes.  No matter how silent and reverent she has been during the meeting, when it gets to be one hour and five minutes she loses it.

Do your kids do that?

Sometimes I want to tell the speakers to watch my daughter so that they will know when to sit down.  Alas, they don't and they just keep talking and talking over time.

How do you keep your children from creating a scene?



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