Happy Four Months

Dear Readers,

It has been four months since I started this blog.  A huge thank you to my regular readership of, oh four people.  However, it drives me nuts that I cannot figure out how to show my international visitors.  I just found out the other day that I have had 17 visits from Canada!  I have also been visited from 12 states, six other countries and my blog has been read in Portuguese nine times!  I hope that means that I am making a positive impact.

At times I have wondered if I should continue this blog, because it kind of goes against my personal technology/ social networking beliefs, but as stated in my original mission statement and the first post of this blog, I am trying to share my beliefs with others as I have been counseled by my church leaders, so I suppose I'll stay with it until I feel inspired otherwise.

I have finally figured out how to schedule posts so that way I can write several at once and not have to be on my computer every day.  I definitely think thoughts everyday, but sitting down to share them can be cumbersome and interfere with my family time!

I still am okay with no comments, but now my readers, I do ask for your input.  I would like to know if a certain post has really stuck out in your mind.  I do enjoy rereading my posts sometimes, but I find that the one that pops into my mind ALL the time is the one about change.  So I will be posting more on that soon.  If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment (how tacky, I have finally resorted to asking...but remember that it can be anonymous) or sending me an email, I am interested to know your favorite post, mainly to make a "favorites" page or something like that.

Lastly, I am trying to stay true to myself and my privacy convictions, but I am also wondering if I should change my blog a little bit.  It is about me, not my family, but do I need to add more personal stories?  Do I seem like a real person?  I email my family all of the time, to "keep them in the know", but am I obligated to also do so with my viewing audience?

Typing this, I have decided that I am going to stay true to myself for now.  I will try to post more pictures.  I am usually the one taking them, not posing for them.

***The Lord works in mysterious ways.  I was interrupted from posting this post because Husband left the house leaving me to supervise Daughter in the tub.  I grabbed the September Ensign to read in there and what do I turn to? a piece called "Role of Members Important in Sharing the Gospel Online".  Reading it I also realized that I needed to blog differently.  I want to share my beliefs, but I don't want to seem forceful.  I do live a normal life like everyone else on Earth.  While I do spend a lot of time working to build up God's kingdom, I do still grocery shop, wait in line at the post office, sleep, etc.  I have interests I have just been keeping them to myself and only revealing my spiritual thoughts with you.  So stay tuned to see what changes come, but know that I am still concerned about my privacy (and you should be too).

I am humbled that the Lord cares enough about me to give me the answer to something that troubled me (but might seem silly to others), i.e. my blog.  I love receiving personal revelation.  God is real.  God knows me.  God loves me.  This is exactly why I blog about Him.  I want others to feel of this love.***

You keep coming back, so there must be something you like.  Please share.



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