Green Thumb Gone Bad

Dear Friend V,

I was embarrassed to talk to you at Church a couple of Sundays ago.  Forgive me for trying to quickly get away.  I wanted to ask you about your garden, but I didn't want to ask you about your garden.  If I asked you about your garden, then you might ask me about my garden, and well......I don't know that I want to be asked.

Basically, it was one big failure.  We yielded 8 ears of corns (that kind of were moldy from the rains) that did taste delicious once all of the bad parts were gone.  I also got 2 banana peppers.  However, these 2 banana peppers were ready to be picked when I bought the plant, so I don't know that it counts.  Otherwise, the beans dried up and died long long ago.  The broccoli never came up the first time, so we planted it again, and never saw it.  The onions and carrots died (too much water?)  The tomatos started, but couldn't pull it together to finish.  The pumpkin, squash, and zuchinni plants all withered up in the late summer sun, despite our best efforts to keep everything watered.

AND, I am embarrassed by this.....I thought it was a bell pepper plant.....but it wasn't, just a monstrous weed.
I could barely keep my flowers out front alive, though I do have roses blooming so I don't feel like a complete failure with the blackest green thumb of death ever.

I always love eating vegetables in the fall.  Growing up my parents always had a very large garden (and years of practice, I know), and it was delightful to eat the bounteous harvest.  Shopping at the store to buy these vegetables now only seems to rub in my shortcomings.

So, how did you do?  Great, I know.  Last year I couldn't believe your garden.

We'll plant again next year, and we can only get better!



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