Exercise Encouragement

Dear Friend M,

I looked over at your blog and I think it is fabulous.  Keep it up, even if it is only for you.  I have never had a healthy relationship with food even though my weight was semi-okay.  The past couple of years we have switched over to using whole wheat flour instead of white and using less sugar in our cooking.  We are eating more vegetables than ever, but probably still not enough.

In the past 12 months I have gone from being completely sedentary to casual running to training for a marathon to running a marathon to zero exercise after the marathon to eating at a bunch of family reunions to joining a gym and now weight lifting/ running again.  Doing all of these varied activities my weight has fluctuated between 5 pounds.  On the one hand I am pretty disappointed that all of that running didn't help me to lose weight, but I finally realized that this is the first time that I have ever really maintained a weight.  Since I was a teenager it has yo-yo-ed up and down in a 20-30 pound range.  That does seem like the first step to having a healthy fit lifestyle.

I know you can do it M.  Keep it up.  You are totally worth it.  I have decided that Heavenly Father made our bodies to be skinny and fit and that this ability is within all of us.  I am still working on my "skinny" me, but I also am seeing the progress.  I hope this doesn't sound discouraging, but it did take awhile for me to feel "fit and healthy" even though I was running a lot.  It was like my body had to get to a certain point before it could really function properly.  I figured it was just because everything was clogged up with so much fat packed around everywhere so that the systems couldn't work right (personal opinion, this isn't backed up scientifically:)  I would encourage you to try walking or running.  I am glad that you signed up for the bike race.  Want to commit to the marathon with me?  You are allowed to walk it if you want (lots of people did last year), or you could run the half marathon that day as well (13.1 miles).  By setting a huge goal like that, it kept me motivated because I didn't want to fail, so it made the during the week workouts easier, because I knew I couldn't skip them to meet my goal.  It is in Kansas in April.  The other reason why I chose a marathon was because I knew that it would take self-discipline and that you couldn't cheat, and well with my eating habits I knew I lacked self-discipline.

Don't give up.  My friend started well over 300 lbs.  She is now down to 250ish by following the Weight Watchers diet and walking/running. I also know several other men who have lost 80-100 pounds each in the last couple of years.

I am so glad that we got in touch. and can't wait to hear your reply.



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