More Praise for You

Dear Brother,

I know awhile ago I wrote to you about how you were a good example of being loving to others.  Well, I have some more praise for you.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the park with Daughter.  It was 98 degrees outside and very humid.  It was miserable.  We went because we really needed to get out of the house.  Now Daughter's most favorite thing in the world is to S-W-I-N-G.  I never can say that word anymore.  I always have to spell it out so that I don't disappoint her if we are not going to a P-A-R-K.

As I was pushing her on the swing for what seemed like a million minutes (or just twenty), I started to think about why I was pushing her.

I thought, "well I love her."  Then I started to think about selfishness.  I didn't want to push her due to my own selfishness.  I didn't want to be in the direct sunlight.  Then I thought of you.  I knew you would push her.  You were always so selfless.  You were always so mellow and easy going.  As I thought about how I wanted to parent my daughter, I realized that I wanted to be like you.

I know that I was pretty hard on you over the phone recently.  I just want you to be your absolute best self, especially since I look up to you (or down since you're younger!?!).

This is completely unrelated, but I have been meaning to ask you forever if you knew about this new website?  It's aimed at people your age and it always looks like there are really cool links and videos.

I am really proud of you.



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