More Gratitude

Dear Sister,

Boy, I started this letter a few weeks ago and now that I came back to it, the pictures seem soooooooo dated.  I have decided to post them anyways, just because I am the boss of this blog.

So, you know that we don't really eat out that often.  Well, Husband and I went on a date to a national seafood chain restaurant.  I know we didn't grow up eating seafood, and Husband didn't either.  He developed a love for it on his mission to Barcelona, Spain for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  To be the kind and loving and supportive wife that I am, I occasionally try to stomach seafood.  I hope that one day I will love it too, and then it won't be an issue, not to mention the amazing health benefits.  We ordered an array of wide sampler platters so that I could try 5-6 different things, and miraculously I did like almost all of them.  Who knew?  I am almost looking forward to the next time that we can eat seafood together.  We had such amazing service that I even wrote an extra note on the receipt emphasizing our thanks, in addition to our generous tip.  We've had so many bad service experiences that I really am grateful for the good ones.

So I am definitely grateful for my husband who encourages me to try new things, and can make it be fun instead of a painful hold your nose experience, ha.  Of course I am grateful to Husband for a ton of other things as well, but no one would want to read the lengthy list.

Here is a picture of us earlier this summer.  See the love in our eyes?!?!?!  We are so happy and hopeful for the future.

He also surprised me with these for the big date!!!  I am grateful for them and that they didn't die for a bazillion weeks so that I could enjoy them forever (still am)!!!  There was also a handmade card, but now we're getting way too mushy...

I am also grateful for the rest of my family.  I know, there is only one other person, but I love Daughter so much.  She teaches me so much.  She has so much energy and joy.  Everyone loves her (hard not to love her cuteness) and she is so friendly to all.  I am grateful that Heavenly Father entrusted me to be her mother, because she truly is so special.

At the zoo, she was kissing an orangutan through the glass.  The picture only came kind of blurry, but so cute nonetheless.  Daughter is so loving!

As always I am grateful for my many blessings especially for my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Basically, I am grateful for everything in my testimony.

Well, sis, I love you.  Good luck making your final preparations for your new school year.  Call anytime.



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