Girl Power

Dear Mother,

It has been so nice to spend some time together.  Woman to woman interactions are very important to me.

Before I came out to visit you I had the opportunity to go to the temple with three friends.  It was very fun to all go together.  Two in the group are new to the temple and so I have the opportunity to help them.  I love the temple.  I feel such peace there.  I feel happy there.  My happiness is amplified when I am able to go with others.

We made quite a group.  There were two women in their 20's, one woman in her 40's, and one woman in her 70's.  It was fun to have such a good time that transcended between generations.  I am not related to any of these women, but it feels like we very well could be.

I look forward to more "girl power" moments with you.



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