Adoption Comment

Dear Friend J,

I know we were just talking about this a little bit yesterday, but I forgot to tell you this.  It shouldn't be a big deal, but it just kind of nags at me.

A couple of a weeks ago I was at a swimming pool party.  I was in a circle of ladies who were discussing summer plans.  Someone said that they were going to visit someone ("Jane").  Another lady says. "Jane, do I know Jane?"  Well the first woman replies, "She had two daughters, they were twins, they were blond, and they adopted that little boy."

If I had been asked to describe "Jane", I would have described her as having three children.  Two girls who were twins, and a boy.  I never would have thought that being "adopted" was a defining characteristic.

I seem to be becoming an adoption advocate without meaning to.  So J, please visit this website and tell all of your friends about it so that we can educate more people about adoption and take away unnecessary stigmas.

I probably will end up adopting someday, especially after having the dreams that I did last week.  Every night I was always searching for someone.  Sometimes a girl would ask me where my boy was.  All very weird and for sure my family is not complete, but like I've told you before, I can't doing anything about it for 2 years until my situation changes.

You're the best,


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