Words, Words, Words

Dear Friend T,

Hi.  I know you don't know me.  You might remember my family's name, but you moved away almost 20 years ago, so you might not remember anyone from that area.  I hope it's okay that I consider you to be my friend.  I saw your adoption profile online and recognized you and then found your blog and have read a little bit there.  We have a 5-10% chance of having more children so I can relate to infertility.

I have been thinking a lot about you.  I recently was in the company of someone who unintentionally used negative adoption language instead of positive adoption language.  I was surprised at how much it hurt me.  I always thought of myself as being a sideliner when it came to adoption, because I don't know if I ever really will adopt (I keep hoping my 5-10% will pull me through).  It's not even an option for me to apply for a few years until my financial situation changes,.  I guess I am much more sensitive than I thought.

People say so many things that they don't know are insensitive.  Sometimes it is ignorance, sometimes it is innocence, or lack of experience.  It is interesting that words are so powerful.  They uplift or they can tear down.  They can encourage or they can discourage.  Good luck to you and I hope you find your princess soon.



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