There Is A God

Dear Friend P,

I know you do not go to my church.  I know that you also struggle with your belief in God.  I want to tell to tell you that I do respect your choices and beliefs (and you're always welcome to come for dinner anytime).  I also want to share with you some more of my beliefs.

This morning I woke up the same way I do everyday.  Tired, ha ha.  No really, this afternoon I received a phone call.   A very huge life changing phone call that I am not allowed to discuss the specifics right now due to legal reasons.  The results of this phone call show me that there is a God.

I already knew that before, emphasis on "knew".  It is not just something that I believe, but I truly know that there is a God.

Seeing how this phone call is an answer to many prayers for many people is amazing.  God knows me.  He knows the things that I want.  He knows what people need.  He is a great architect that directs people in and out of each others' lives at the right times.  He loves us and I know he loves you too whether or not you want to believe that.  God is real and man can strive to become like him.

I can't wait until you come back at the end of the Summer.  By then everything should be worked out and let me just say, you will be very surprised!!!

See you soon,


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