A Single Question

Dear Dad,

Yesterday I was admiring my handiwork on Husband's head as I was finishing a haircut for him.  I was thinking about the things I had learned about blending hair over the years and how far my skills had come.  It also made remember my "start" to my hair cutting career.  One day you just asked me a single question.

"Will you cut my hair?"

I had never wielded a set of hair clippers before.  I had never asked you before to cut your hair, or expressed an interest in cutting your hair.  Sure, I was interested in my hair, and maybe had talked my younger sister into letting me butcher trim her hair, but really cut hair?  That's how it got started.  Then I was given some clippers as a present, and then I started practicing on anyone who'd let me when I went away to school, and now only Husband is my single client.

It is amazing the domino effect from one single question.

Then I remembered another time that there was one single question that yielded an amazing domino effect.

Joseph Smith was troubled to know with which church he join.  After much thought, he decided in the spring of 1820 to pray to God to know.  He asked a single question which was to know which church he should join.  God himself appeared to Joseph along with Jesus Christ, his beloved son and told him none of them.  I know that this really happened, Dad.  I know you do too.  Did you know that there is THIS great website?  I was clicking around it for fun, and THIS is my favorite part.  Photographs always make everything so real.  These are over 100 years old!

I love you.



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